Uffe Boesen, Denmark


The starting point for painting watercolour was to immerse myself in the creative process, where the main focus was on improving my skills in watercolour painting, as well as learning techniques such as: wet in wet, abstract, figurative, light, shadows and colors m.m. Nature is often the focal point of my motifs, as it can create a basis for imagery that contains both the figurative and more imaginative elements.

In addition to traditional watercolour paints, I have also worked with intuitive watercolour paints. In this process, I work based on some other criteria than I otherwise do. In intuitive watercolour painting, it is not the artistic skills that are crucial to the creative process, as the key is to get in touch with the immediate and follow the impulse that arises in the present. I pass on my experience with intuitive watercolour paints, in the form of courses and the like.

Portrait now censored joint exhibition at the Carlsberg Foundation’s joint exhibition 2021.
Joint exhibition Hillerød Kunstforening Annaborg 2018.
The Artists’ Guild of 2013 occupies Frederiksberg Allé with the art festival “Obsessed with art”.
Portrait Now! Brygger J.C. Jacobsens at Frederiksborg Castle in 2011 and 2015.
Guldagergaard, International Ceramic Center, art project with animal figures in porcelain, ceramics and stoneware.
Other exhibitions: Café Assistenten, Øens Perle, Galleri Annette Liisberg, Novo Nordisk, Galleri Gammel Strand, Cafe Retro, Galleri Paludan and Galleri H.

1997–99: Puppetry education at Thy Teater, introduction to the puppet theater’s many forms of expression as well as, learning in dramaturgy and building different puppet types.
1986–87: Drawing and animation student education at Dansk Tegnefilms Kompagni.
1986: Drawing education at the Glyptoteket.

Animation cartoons and stop motion: “A”, “BABY” and “ROBOT” Statens Kunstfonds 2-year start-up scholarship, stop motion animation project.

Painting by Uffe Boesen